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Specialty Metric wrench TOOLGANIZER

Specialty Metric wrench TOOLGANIZER

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Wrench Thickness
  • Gives you up to 51.839% more drawer space.
  • Stand wrenches vertically to utilize all of your toolbox drawer space.
  • Magnetic base locks organizer to your toolbox drawer.
  • Available in top to bottom or bottom to top orientation so you can utilize every inch of your drawer and give you an excuse to buy more wrenches.
  • Guaranteed to make you less lazy by giving a designated place to return your tool after use.
  • Guarenteed to make your co workers/ drinking buddies jealous of your organized tool box.
  • 100% made in USA with USA made plastic but sadly the magnets are made in china, sucks I know but if you know an American company that's makes magnets please let us know.


lead time is 10-14 working days as most items are made to order

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